NYC Squad 18

A symbol of faith emerges from the wreckage (30,287 bytes)Chief Dennis Moynahan and Bob with the new vehicle (108,919 bytes)Times Square N.Y.C. February 14, 2002 (83,244 bytes)Firefighters, Aribians and Nasdaq personnel gather in front of the new vehicle (189,002 bytes)
Bob, Dennis, Joe and a presentation from Chief Nigro (168,503 bytes)A smiling Keith looks on (131,278 bytes)Mike Munoz, FDNY drove the truck in from N.J. and Nancy kept the faith (74,363 bytes)A wonderful, kind man (130,474 bytes)
Joe Downey reflects as Patty Calderoni beams (90,606 bytes) Firefighter ? from the Squad (74,149 bytes) Dan outside the Squad's Manhattan home (109,306 bytes)Soft-spoken James of the squad (60,008 bytes)
firefighter ? (67,871 bytes)firefighters (identify) (82,294 bytes)Anna Mohica surrounded by Manny's friends (94,117 bytes)Anna lost in thought during the dedication (89,778 bytes)
Lauren on Street (143,534 bytes)Charlie's smile and good humor brightened the day (83,229 bytes)Eileen, Melissa and Brian spend a memorable day together (120,633 bytes)Manny's sister embraces ff Howie? while her husband looks on (93,903 bytes)
A moment of prayer for those lost is shared by Larry Virgilio's fiance, Abigail (92,162 bytes)We pulled it off (92,462 bytes)Images from Ground Zero (93,020 bytes)A tired firefighter, shovel in hand walks wraps up his shift (106,853 bytes)
Debbie trys to take it all in (87,106 bytes)The firefighters, many in full respirators, work tirelessly to recover the missing (75,522 bytes)Chief Daly, Chris from the roof of Station 10 (82,029 bytes)It was all gray like the surface of the moon. (43,970 bytes)
Faces (101,090 bytes)Goodbye. (16,614 bytes)