We'll sure miss that grin (102kb) and the infectious laugh that always raised our spirits (79kb) We're all going to miss you (112kb) The crew arrives (187kb) The assembly gathers (154kb)
The mexican festivities begin (127kb) Bob greets the troops (86kb) The band starts to play (105kb) Fancy fiddlin (143kb) Daniela says goodbye to Ariba (109kb)
The tears give way to a lovely smile (75kb) Keith's wife Jennifer beams (114kb) Aribians one and all celebrate the good times (138kb) Paul recounts the 00 tip (89kb) Bobby against a familiar backdrop (125kb)
Keith (or is that the terminator) listens (88kb) Taking a page out of the playbook (168kb) Speech (134kb) Thanks for the memories (112kb) Well, not everyone was in good spirits (136kb)
The last recall gets a smile from Priya (123kb) Kevin seems to be winking (90kb) Quiet Reflection (89kb)